Pet Yappy Hour: Best Bark and Howl Contest

Well, it’s not exactly an “hour,” but close enough! Your best pet friend performs the catchy “song of their people” just for the garbage man each Tuesday and howls for their dinner like it’s an Olympic sport, so here’s your chance to let them impress us as well and win some extra cool prizes too! The Pet Yappy Hour: Best Bark and Howl Contest consists of three categories: “best bark”, “most impressive howl”, and “most surprising/unique bark or howl (meaning ‘Wow! How did that sound come from that pooch?!’)”. Contest winners will be determined by our emcee and audience feedback. Arroo! Don't miss the Pet Happy Hour: Best Bark and Howl Contest at 1:10PM & 4:20PM on Saturday and 1:10PM on Sunday at the Contest Stage.

Service Providers

Phoenix jumpingchollas logo Jumping Chollas Agility Club will be
providing the Agility Course. 
image.png Sponsoring Pet Admission
AND offering $900 off bath remodels for event attendees.
The WAG Magazine final logo The Wag Magazine
is the official 2019 Media Sponsor
avian alliance logo XL

Arizona Avian Alliance
is the official Bird Area.

 Tender Loving Care Providing Vaccinations & Mircochipping  Brittany Rescue AZ  Indy’s Run for Rescue Lure Course operated by Brittany Rescue AZ
dogpoop is generously donating all of the dog poop bags for our event! Doggie Lift weblogo  Providing Free Nail trims


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