Simon Says Obedience Competition

Did you know that one of the best parts of obedience training is that it’s a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your bond with Fido? Well, not only that, it’s also a fabulous way to earn worldwide acclaim (well, maybe not “worldwide,” but the Phoenix Pet Expo’s acclaim and that’s pretty much the same thing). Let your pooch prove how clever they are by playing our version of “Simon Says” and see how quickly they respond to three of the following commands (using whichever voice or hand signal that you’ve taught to elicit the action): “back up”, “come” (you may not call the dog’s name for this command), “lay down”, “drop it”, “give it to me”, “heel”, “leave it”, “pick it up”, “go to place”, “play dead”, “roll over”, “shake”, “sit”, “speak”, “stand” (only from a sitting or down position), and “stay”. Positive Reinforcement training methods only, please. Simon Says consists of two categories: “best obedience overall” and “E-for-Effort” (for the pooch who gave it their all, but didn’t even come close to being in the running). Contest winners will be determined by our emcee and audience feedback. You know how well Fido listens to you open that box of treats; let’s see how well they listen to basic commands and win some cool stuff too! Don't miss the Simon Says Obedience Competition at 2:40PM on Saturday 

Service Providers

dogpoop is generously donating all of the dog poop bags for our event! Pet Expo 2018 - TLC Logo-1 T.L.C. Tender Loving Care Veterinary Services, LLC is the official low-cost vaccination provider.
Official Logo Indy 2- Arizona Brittany Rescue Brittany Rescue Indy's Rescue Run is the official Lure course for our event!  avian alliance logo XL  Arizona Avian Alliance is the official Bird Area.
Equine-Pet ComfyPets-logo red-brown Comfy Pets of AZ: The Enlightened Horse/Equine First Aid is the official E-Vet.    


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